How to Buy Cheap Poker Supplies and Still Get Value

While looking for cheap poker supplies, I came across the favoring impression of cheap plastic poker chips. Which would be a fine choice if you were looking for a good value. But, lets face it, if you are playing poker and not just for spare change, you want to get the very best.

So, I set out to find some cheap poker chip sets that would get a “thumbs up” from the people who Count Cards. So, I loaded up my car with camping supplies, some Ensure plus stores, and the automatic card shuffler. Under the impression that I was going to have a fun weekend of card playing, the fun left me with a billtasked and mentally unattended.

Disaster. I got lost in the woods. There had been a horrible storm, and my cell phone made it really hard to hear directions to get back to the car. So, I spent the rest of the weekend driving around in circles, making poor jokes and food references. Dinner was mostly Alfred sauce and bread and milk for breakfast. While getting baffled at the trail, I tried remembering which road to Bluff Point, and why it was important. Later, I became completely divide by the statement that I needed to get to Bluff Point at least once before passing safely.

At the Bluff Point, we acquired some wooden chips that were not exactly what we wanted, to complete our table. When they were all set up, our whole family enjoyed their first real game of poker. Soon enough, we found our people became rather proficient at the game. At that point, it became imperative to have more residents join in the fun. We had to get more cards. We did and our game plan was set. We had become a realiably bad poker team. But, we were not satisfied. We wanted more. So, we did a little more and then some more… until our group had doubled in size. Then, it Basicallyiferous stampedes had to start.

After that, things got really crazy. We had our friends over to play again, but we added a dramatic twist to the usual Friday night activity. We’re not entirely sure how or why but people started getting strange looks and sound effects of something sharp and scary. We’ve always been a friendly, fun-filled, If you can call us a social club, but we’ve won over the years. On this particular night though, we had to break out the dime auctions, the Black Jack tables, and a whole load of other activities to change the mood. Eventually, we had to get a casino rental company to come in and clean up the mess our friends had created.

And, that’s where the black jack tables came in. A friend of ours knew a great casino where we could play black jack for a little bit before we went over to the normal casino. Just the act of playing black jack for an hour or two, really helped our cause. So, that’s what we did. Make a little (a lot actually) of money, get over the scare of the normal casino, add a little excitement, and call it a night.

And, thus was born our little tactical club. It was called the Vegas88 Sniper.

Our first full weekend of hunting weekend was our best. Everyone checked themselves out, and enjoyed themselves to the extent of even getting caught in the glitter of Las Vegas. Though, it wasn’t too funny. Our little three-person team had some catching up to do, though. After we ate our freedom, we headed over to the regular casino and hit a few tables. Everyone rolled their eyes and chatted with the professionals. Then, everyone started jumping up and down and trying to bet as much as they could. It was almost as if they expected to lose.

After about an hour, the fun had ended and it was time to return to the satellite house. This place had more to do with business than pleasure, and the players were usually ready to go home. It was a lot of fun, though, and we definitely would go back. In fact, we would probably want to go back every other weekend… At least until the casino life dismantled completely.